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 Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Blog and Tools

After more than 10 years of good Blogging use from Radio Userland 8 I've moved on to MarsEdit, NetNewsWire, and WordPress. Follow this link to my next blog, webstir.com/opmlblog/.

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 Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Job Spam Scams

Dear Readers,

Two days after reactivating my careerbuilder.com profile I've received several job offers via email which smell bad. I call these offers Job Spam Scams. For example today I received this:

From: BostonMA@lmhsolutions.com


HMA Direct Benefits Consulting Group have retained the s ervices of LMH Solutions, LLC to help fill the position of 'Outside Sales Representative' for Business to Business Outside Sales, in the Boston MA Region'.

The newly chosen candidate will be responsible for helping in the growth of the Lynn area, motivating, training and leading a team of agents to meet company goals and expectations, understand and articulate the value of their service offerings to clients, utilize communication skills, messaging, sales tools and use all resources available to develop customer relationships.

As the next step, I would like you to interview with Mr. Lugo, the Vice President of Sales for HMA Direct, to review specific details about the position, including compensation, company leads, training, products, as well as to discuss your background and how you feel you can become an asset to their team.

Please re spond back by e-mailing LMH Solutions, LLC at, BostonMA@lmhsolutions.com (include your name, phone number, city and state. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ATTACHMENTS), so we can set up a time to meet with them. I look forward to hearing from you.


V. Bret Matheson
President / CEO



For this job offer, email: BostonMA@lmhsolutions.com     ;   
HMA Direct Benefits Group JOB DESCRIPTION:

  *Prestigious Fully Differentiated Products and Services
  *Call on prospects who need to see you
  *Professional Training provided
  *The only 'Cost Controlling Product' Available to Business Owners
  *Personal Sales and Leadership Development
  *Advancement Opportunities (Management)
  *Residual Income
  *Honest Potential First Year Income of $100,000 plus
  *Top Producers can earn in excess of $250,000 Per Year

There are so many things wrong with this email that I will not bore you with that detail. One big question is; What does HMA Direct want me sell? So I search in Google.com for HMA Direct I find HMA Direct in spot #1. Their website is a run-of-the-mill template with duplicate information on the front page. Many of the navigation links lead nowhere. No biographical information about the management (RED FLAG WAVING). But they do show MA License No. 1812179 and the BBB tag. Back to Google.com results spot #2 claims "HMA direct illegal health operation by local Health Care Industry Examiner expert, Bill Randell." which led me to this AP article in Boston.com:

NH files complaint against Mass. consulting firm

April 16, 2009

CONCORD, N.H. --New Hampshire's Insurance Department has accused a Massachusetts-based employee benefits consulting firm of conducting an illegal health insurance operation.

The department said Wednesday HMA Direct Benefits Consulting Group of Newton offered employers a new type of self-insured arrangement to reduce health insurance costs. HMA Direct told employers it required health information for all employees in order to provide the workers with a life insurance policy as a "bonus".

The department says HMA Direct didn't use the information for life insurance, instead using it to "carve out" sick employees from the employer[base ']s health plan, and in some instances left those carved out employees with no insurance.

State law doesn't allow insurers to consider the health of individuals in a pool of employees as a factor in charging employer premiums.

HMA Direct did not immediately respond to call seeking comment Thursday.

I've been around long enough to spot a scam. HMA Direct and LMH Solutions, LLC, stop wasting my time and go away!
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 Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Learn the TRUTH

John McCain's Health Care Plan:

1. Taxes your employer provided health care benefits as income.

2. Gives a $5000 check to your health insurance company.

3. Leave families on their own to figure out how to cover the balance of the $12,000 family plan premium.

4. Remove consumer protections by letting health insurance companies sell across state lines.

5.Forces 20 million citizens out of employer provided health insurance which makes them vulnerable to not being able to get coverage at all in the individual market because of pre-existing conditions.


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 Friday, August 1, 2008

Could Wireless Radios Become the Next Tobacco?

Steve Rubel raises an excellent point. People just don't have enough damage and death behind us to make a decision that cell phones are dangerous. However, if you think about it radioactivity is a known killer. Doesn't the idea of holding a microwave radio transmitter to you ear for hours every day give you a somewhat unsettled feeling? No? Well how about this cell phone video?
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 Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New drug for deadly prostate cancer

Scientists are hailing a new drug to treat aggressive prostate cancer as potentially the most significant advance in the field for 70 years.

I have a happy prostate gland. But this is still good news to me.

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 Monday, March 5, 2007

Military Medical Care Scandal Grows

The George Bush administration is doing it's best to kill this story but this one has legs, long legs that go deep into the US government bureaucracy. This scandal goes from indifference to lies to fraud. It is systemic and must dug up and ripped out.

The Washington Post has an article poorly named 'It Is Just Not Walter Reed' a better name in the same vein is 'It's not only Walter Reed'. I know it's a nitpick but headlines are there to get attention and poorly worded one's are likely to be missed. BUT, the article is loaded with real world first hand accounts from VA patients in the system that are plainly horrific. It's hard to read but this is your George Bush government in action.

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 Tuesday, January 2, 2007

My New Years Message

Tomorrow Never Knows: Lyrics, AMG, Wikipedia

Whithin You Without You: Lyrics, AMG, Wikipedia

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